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Timber Trellis



Trellis a.k.a sun breakers provides shade and shelter from our tropical sun. The entire structure comprises of solid wood, industrial bolt and nuts and poly-carbonate. The roof structure is support by pillars of Chengal wood usually 4”-6” thick and the base is usually with timber decking. Timber trellis structures are mostly for outdoors and it is a popular form of shelter because they are versatile and can be design in a wide array of ways. It can be design through various permutations of structural pillars as well as through the various selection of colours and types of polycarbonate. Even though glass is a popular choice for timber trellis,we do not recommend due to it being more brittle.


Cross Laminate Timber (CLT) is an engineering structural material comprising layers of wood stack cross-wise and bond with structural adhesives.  CLT is used for walls, floors and roofs.

Glued Laminate Timber (Glulam) is produce in a similar fashion but with the grain align in one direction. Glulam is predominantly use for structural beams. Both are prefabricate in factories to precise specifications, then joint on-site with simple connections using hand tools to form complete structures.



timber trellis6 M2 / Day

*subject to complexity and site condition

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