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The main comparison between Timber decking vs flooring is the type of wooden planks used.

Timber decks are mostly used outdoors and the planks have a wider with and thickness.

Gaps are present between each wooden plank to adjust for movement of wood due to expansion and contraction.

Kindly click on the link for a more elaborate explanation on outdoor wood decking and the type of materials available.

These are some wood we think are best for Singapore’s sunny and humid climate.
1. Merbau, Teak, Composite Timber (Main Materials)
2.Balau, Ironwood,Aluminium,(Supporting structure)
3.Pedestals for levelling and raising of height


Wooden joists are placed on the ground as supporting structure as well as to raise the level of the decks.

If there is a need to raise the height of the decks to a substantial level,we would recommend using a more durable material such as Elmich Versijack.

The joists will be placed on top of these pedestal system and the decks thereafter.

The Decks will always be placed perpendicularly to the joists as to increase the amount of weight it can withstand.

The timber decks are then connected to the supporting structure below either by using the more advanced clip systems or the more traditional nailing/screwing method.

We provide different installation method for timber decking for our clients based on their needs.


In Singapore’s hot and humid weather, maintenance of timber decking is crucial and we would advise having them stain at least once annually.

This will prevent the wooden decks  from having hairline cracks through expansion and contraction which is more susceptible in Chengal and Ironwood.

Hairline cracks if not mended may lead to structural cracks of the decks

If you are looking for something that is maintenance free, we would recommend using Trex composite decking.It comes with a limited 25 year limited manufacturer’s warranty and no maintenance is needed at all.

The whole external decking area at Orchard Scotts Condominium was done by us using the premium Trex composite system made in the USA.

teak merbau chengal

ironwood wpc

timber decking10M2 / Day

*subject to complexity and site condition

product-iconTreated Timber Runners, Aluminium Runners, Galvanized screws, deck fastener,  Adhesive , Water-based varnish